Two Coming Soon Articulate 360 Features That I’m Pumped About

This week Articulate announced some new things coming to Articulate 360, and there are two things in particular that I am very excited about:

“Create more types of interactions in Rise: Create compelling scenarios in Rise with the new scenario block. And easily create gorgeous bar, line, and pie charts that help learners make sense of information with the new chart block.”

Rise is such an easy and fantastic web-based authoring tool, and I love that Articulate keeps expanding upon its current pre-fabbed offerings. Adding in options for charts and graphs is going to be a game changer for a lot of data-driven courses.

But the feature that I’m most excited for is:

  • “Author more quickly in Storyline 360 with media library: Save time by managing all of your Storyline 360 project assets in one place. You can add, remove, replace, reuse, and export images, videos, audio tracks, and characters.”

The media library is going to be a game changer for ANY e-learning developer. Half the battle of course development is asset management…heck, I even gave a less than exciting (though passionate) session at an Articulate Community Roadshow entirely on asset management and data back up several years back. Sounds exciting right? Someone has to deliver those sessions! ANYHOW, the media library is going to help e-learning developers streamline their development approach by proactively providing developers with a library to contain all of their course assets…AMEN! Developers will no longer need to (most often) reactively create their file structures, and it will help everyone be more organized, well-oiled machines.

What new features are you excited about?!


  1. Roger Whitacre says

    I’m looking forward to allowing learners to retake just the questions they missed in a quiz. If it’s a 20 question quiz and they miss only 2, it will be great for them to not go through the 18 they got right again. We often will have coaches or managers review the missed questions with the learners and discuss why they got it wrong and provide more instruction on that specific topic or point. Being able to go over just the missed questions will be a great time saver!

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