#FREE Mini-Course – Build Your E-Learning Portfolio

I’m pausing the screencast train for a moment (don’t worry, it’ll be back later today – I’ve never been more consistent with anything in my life!), to tell you about a free mini-course I developed.

The Build Your E-Learning Portfolio series of blog posts are some of my most-visited posts, and when at conferences, it’s one of the things people come up to me and ask me about most often, so I developed this free mini-course, Build Your E-Learning Portfolio, which is a revised compilation of the blog posts, along with a bonus video that illustrates the WordPress Plugin I use for my portfolio.

Check it out here!

Screencast: Quick Tabbed Layout in Articulate Storyline 360

Today I’m sharing how I create a tabbed layout. I start with a styled screen so you don’t have to stare at a blank canvas the entire time, and then I go through adding all of the essential elements of a tabbed layout:

  • A prompt on the base layer (which I think is essential for almost any interactivity students need to engage in
  • The tabs – I used the rectangle shape; you can use buttons if you like – Storyline 1 and 2 has me brainwashed into using the rectangle as a button
  • The container for which the content will appear when tabs are selected – again, I used a rectangular shape
  • The layers containing the content that will appear, along with a close button.

Once all of these elements were created and content was populated, I went back to the base layer to make the tabs functional. This is as easy as creating a show layer trigger for each of the tabs. Easy peasy!

Check out the screencast below to hear all of my tab-layout-rambling!