Update: Where the Heck Have I Been?!

Apologies for taking so much time off from the blog lately. This summer has been nutty. I know that’s no excuse, but seriously. It. Has. Been. Nutty. I promise, I’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled programming, but until then, I thought I needed to provide some sort of explanation for my whereabouts.

So, what have I been up to?


  • Getting into a good flow at my new(ish) 9-5; there are a lot of interesting opportunities brewing here, so I’m excited about what’s to come
  • Working with one of my favourite clients who has been keeping me very busy (but in a good way)
  • Beginning a contract with a new client that I’m excited to work with
  • Closing off several projects over the past few months
  • Prepping to do some Articulate Storyline 360 training
  • Prepping to present at DevLearn 2017


  • Spending a couple of months dealing with a sick pet, who we recently had to say goodbye to
  • Having some stressful medical appointments and other personal issues
  • Attending weddings and hanging out with friends who have been in town
  • Visiting with friends in Toronto (and popping in to say hello to some of the Articulate E-Learning Heroes community folk)

I’m Speaking at DevLearn 2017!


2017 will be the second year I’ve spoken at DevLearn. Last year was my first Bring Your Own Laptop session, which went well (and I learned a lot), and this year I’m going back to my roots with a session I’ve given many times, albeit it’s getting a bit of an overhaul this year.

This year, I’ll be talking all about Building Your E-Learning Portfolio. If you’ve taken the free Build Your E-Learning Portfolio mini-course over at Sprout E-Learning, you’ve had a taste of what I’ll be talking about, but this will be the latest and greatest! It’s an important topic that I think is getting a lot more recognition in recent years, but it’s still a topic that boggles the mind of many Instructional Designers and E-Learning Developers. I’ll try to boggle your minds less!

There are also a slew of some of my favourite e-learning industry heavy hitters presenting, so it’s sure to be a good (and informative) time.

In other news, I know I’ve been absent for the past few weeks, and there are several reasons for that:

  1. I put it my resignation at a local university and was working hard to prepare them for that transition.
  2. I traveled to Atlanta and attended ATD ICE 2017.
  3. I started a new full-time role at a local college.
  4. I’m putting the finishing touches on Articulate Storyline 2: Essentials over at Sprout E-Learning – stay tuned; it’ll be live very soon!

However, I’m back in the blogging game now!

Screencast: Creating Custom Feedback Layers (NOT With Feedback Master) in Articulate Storyline

Continuing on with our custom multiple choice question, I thought I’d show you how to create custom feedback layers. These custom feedback layers do not use the feedback master and may be viewed as an unconventional approach…unconventional but effective. I’ll show you the feedback master in another screencast – don’t worry!

Check out the screencast below (and I apologize for my rambling)!