Screencast: Creating Custom Feedback Layers (NOT With Feedback Master) in Articulate Storyline

Continuing on with our custom multiple choice question, I thought I’d show you how to create custom feedback layers. These custom feedback layers do not use the feedback master and may be viewed as an unconventional approach…unconventional but effective. I’ll show you the feedback master in another screencast – don’t worry!

Check out the screencast below (and I apologize for my rambling)!

Screencast: Real-Time Customization of Built-In Multiple Choice Question Slide in Articulate Storyline

In this screencast, I wanted to show just how quickly you can customize a built-in question slide in Articulate Storyline. For this demo, I’m showing you how to modify the built-in multiple choice question slide in Storyline, but I don’t go as deep as showing you how to customize feedback slides or option states – I’ll save that for another video or two.

Note: This is a real-time demo, so you’ll hear all of my ramblings and indecisiveness.

Check out the screencast below!

Screencast: Troubleshooting Articulate Storyline on Mac via Parallels Desktop

There are several troubleshooting techniques when it comes to running Articulate Storyline on Mac via Parallels Desktop, namely disabling shared profiles and working within Windows OS (exiting coherence). In this screencast, I show you how to do both of these things.

Check out the screencast below!