Time-Lapse Demo: Very Basic Storyboard Template

I thought it time for a new feature; from here on out, I will try to reserve my Friday blog posts for time-lapse demos or tutorials. For the inaugural demo, I thought it best to keep things very simple – I was just getting the hang of stringing this stuff together and adding some fun audio (thank you, Pharrell!), so I am showing everyone how to create an incredibly basic storyboard template.

Most Instructional Designers create storyboards for a variety of reasons; maybe it’s one of your deliverables or maybe it just helps you organize your content before you begin rapid development. For me, I always storyboard – even if it isn’t required. It helps me with the layout of course content and I find it easier to pull the relevant information (e.g. audio narration) from a storyboard than having to develop it when I get to the audio recording (trust me – this makes a huge difference when you’re looking at recording 34832932 audio files for one course).

This time-lapse demo will be the first in a two part series – this is the type of storyboard template I would use in a non-deliverable, for my own personal content organization; next week I’ll go into a bit more detail, including cover-pages, multiple sections, page numbering, headers, and footers – hooray! The more detailed storyboard template is one that I would use for a client deliverable, and would encompass some more superfluous elements that are most often required in a formal deliverable.

I’m very excited about this feature because I would also like to show everyone how to create a detailed media task analysis, Articulate templates, and more! So, I hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog, and definitely stay tuned for more chances to watch me fumble my way through these videos (and hopefully provide some useful information along the way)!

Basic Storyboard Template from Ashley Chiasson on Vimeo.

You can download the document created within the video by clicking here.

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  1. says

    Loved the video, Ashley!! I need to be more consistent with the storyboarding piece because I find it tremendously helpful when I do implement that strategy!

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. says

    Nice job! I was so mesmerized by the time lapse that I didn’t even realize the totally awesome storyboard template. Well done! I’ll definitely be looking forward to next Friday!

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