E-Learning Challenge #83 – 10 Reaction Gifs for Every E-Learning Challenge

FINALLY, David! Something I can squeeze into my regular procrastination! THANK YOU!

The Concept

This week’s challenge is to share a collection of reaction gifs for any e-learning topic we wish to discuss. Very simple concept that I feel most folks, also keen on procrastinating, can stand behind.

The Method

Staying on topic, I chose to select reaction gifs related to some of the 83 e-learning challenges we’ve had. I also chose to stick with pop culture references, in terms of television/YouTube/Internet…I guess all of these gifs (that exist) are pop culture references to some extent, so I think my point is moot. I then curated a bunch of gifs to express various reactions I’ve had to the challenges over the years, and then I sifted through the previous challenges to see which previous challenge elicited which reaction.

The Result

1. Just when you thought a terrible challenge was over.

(via Gifrific)

That’s how I felt when I saw that E-Learning Challenge #32 – Death, Taxes, and E-Learning Mistakes was coming back to haunt me in E-Learning Challenge # 33 – Fix Your E-Learning Mistakes…and how I feel each time I see one of those challenges retweeted.

2. When you see that the world will finally understand the importance of font choice.

(via OffColorTV)

This is how I felt when E-Learning Challenge #51 – Font Games and Interactions for E-Learning Designers announced.

3. When you know exactly what tool you’ll use to complete a challenge.

(via Tumblr)

When E-Learning Challenge #53 – Create Your Own E-Learning Characters with Pictograms was announced, I knew immediately that I would be using PowerPoint for this challenge (which I have yet to complete…shhh).

4. When David finally posts an ‘easy’ (re: less time-consuming) challenge.

(via Tumblr)

Much like my feeling for this challenge, and for E-Learning Challenge #39 – Education Podcasts for Online Training and E-Learning Challenge #67 – Podcast: How Do Instructional Designers Get Things Done?, I see this challenges and do a happy dance. I don’t have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but I got this, boo!

5. When you hear about some new technology.

(via pandawhale)

When reviewing the entries for E-Learning Challenge #45 – Audio Recording Tips for E-Learning Designers, I decided to purchase a better mic for my audio setup.

6. When David posts a challenge that I know will require my brain.

(via reactiongifs)

This is how I feel the majority of the time David posts a challenge, because time is one thing in my life that is lacking. Math is not my strong suit, so I definitely felt like this when I saw E-Learning Challenge #71 – Teaching Math Concepts with E-Learning. Pythagorean, whaaaat?!

7. How some challenge titles make me feel.

(via wifflegif)

E-Learning Challenge #80 – Can You Pass an Eight-Grade Science Test? Uh…no. I can’t, and I do not wish to return to age 14…I’ll have flashbacks.

8. Whenever I see my first E-Learning Heroes Challenge entry retweeted

(via Tumblr)

Whenever David retweets my first E-Learning Heroes Challenge entry – E-Learning Challenge #25 – Instructional Design Tips that Really Pop, I get a little sentimental.

9. When I can finally participate in a challenge!


(via imgur)

Whenever I locate the elusive creature called ‘time’ and can actually participate in a challenge, I feel like doing a happy dance, like Ron Swanson. That’s how I felt when I participated, most recently, in E-Learning Challenge #78 – E-Learning Icons: Show and Share Your Favourite Styles.

10. When I realize my entry is the first submission for a challenge.

(via Tumblr)

This is how I feel today, posting my entry for E-Learning Challenge #83 – 10 Reaction Gifs for Every E-Learning Challenge.


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    Nicely played, Ashley! Cool idea to work with a theme for your gifs. I was all over the place on my example. It would have helped to pick a theme and work from there.


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