E-Learning Challenge #58 – Digital Magazines and Interactive E-Learning (FREE STORYLINE 2 TEMPLATE)

This week’s challenge was a fun one – there were so many great submissions, and tons of inspiration!

The Concept

This week, we were tasked with creating digital magazine samples built using Articulate products. We were provided with examples of several popular digital magazines, and asked to make a few considerations.

The Method

Originally, I was going to develop a cat magazine, and create some actual content…because I consider myself somewhat of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in that field. However, time got the best of me, and I became inspired by some images I found on Unsplash, so I took a more nature-y approach. I even added some very therapeutic sounds on the cover page.

I sourced several images I wanted to use, added them (with varying levels of transparency) across four pages (including the main page). Grouped three sets of objects and added some triggers on the main page, along with a titleset that recurs (in style) on each page.

I tried to take a different approach to layout for each page, and made use of some motion path interactivity on the second page – how fun!

The ResultScreen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.49.20 AM

Overall, I was very happy with the result, and I think it can be a useable template for various situations; specifically if you’re creating some sort of outdoorsy magazine, which is why I’m going to share the source files with you!

Click here to view the live demo.

Click here to download the FREE Storyline 2 template.


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