2017 Recap and 2018 Goals

2017 Recap

I hope everyone is having a great New Year’s Eve! Our little family has spent the last week in quarantine with the flu, but I can’t say I’m complaining to much about having a New Years Eve in. Overall, I feel like I hit the business goals hard, but definitely slacked on the personal goals.

This year, I maintained consistent relationships with my long-term clients and added a few other clients, I networked per usual, attended ATD ICE and DevLearn, spoke at DevLearn, and facilitated a week of Articulate Storyline 360 training. My husband and I traveled to Calgary and Toronto, and I traveled to Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Newfoundland. I would have run the Bluenose and participated in the relay race; however, the dates fell in line with when I was away for ATD ICE.

Personal goals:

  • Slow down and take more time to enjoy the present;
  • Maintain a consistent exercise schedule;
  • Register for run the Bluenose Half Marathon and a relay race; and
  • Travel to Calgary and Toronto with my husband and plan an anniversary vacation.

Business goals:

  • Maintain relationships with my long-term clients, and continue building a small network of clients.
  • Continuing networking with colleagues I respect;
  • Attend 2-3 conferences;
  • Speak at 1-2 e-learning events;
  • Get Sprout up and running;
  • Learn a new skill;
  • Participate regularly in the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenges; and
  • Blog regularly.

2018 Goals

For 2018, I really want to focus on some of the personal goals, and more maintenance when it comes to business goals.

Personal goals:

  • Slow down and enjoy the present;
  • Maintain a consistent exercise schedule;
  • Be more mindful of the food I’m putting into my body and make positive dietary changes;
  • Run the Bluenose Half Marathon and participate in a relay race (should be do-able since I won’t be attending ATD ICE this year); and
  • Travel to Toronto with my husband for the Blue Jays Home Opener and plan and execute an epic 5-year anniversary vacation.

Business Goals:

  • Increase business income by 25%;
  • Attend 2 conferences;
  • Speak at 1-2 e-learning conferences;
  • Participate in the e-learning heroes community challenges (period – not regularly, just participate);
  • Blog regularly;
  • Break 1,000,000 views on the blog; and
  • Get more courses up on Sprout.

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