Hi! I’m Ashley Chiasson, a thirty-something Instructional Designer with about a decade of professional experience across various industries (Defence, Health, Post-Secondary Education, Sales). I know the ins and outs of wrangling complex content into engaging learning material, and I’m passionate about developing training solutions for any industry. I want to foster the lifelong learning movement and make learning as simple and effective as I can for each and every user.

With a Masters of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Psychology), I fancy myself well-versed in various instructional strategies and being able to conduct discourse analysis like a boss! Originally, I wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist or a Technical Writer when I grew up, but when I fell into the world of Instructional Design, I was shocked and in awe of how much I enjoyed behind-the-scenes teaching!

Instructional Design? Whaaaat?!

I know, I know. A lot of people scratch their head when I tell them what I do for a living. Around these parts, Instructional Designers are few and far between. Try explaining to someone that you have developed training solutions for the Defence sector, but that you’re not in the military and you aren’t an aircraft pilot – you will be met with shock and amazement!

The great thing about Instructional Design is that you get to wear so many different hats! – One day, you’re an aircraft pilot, the next day, you’re an Occupational Therapist! On Monday, you might be developing a university graduate course, while on Thursday you might be developing a complex training aid to illustrate alternating and direct current flow for an aircraft.

The short story is that I design and develop training solutions to meet your needs. If you need Instructor-Led training, I can do that! If you need self-paced computer-based training, I can do that! If you need a user manual developed, I can do that! If you need a storyboard scripted for video or audio narration, I can certainly do that! Don’t know if you need training? I can provide you with a needs assessment – this is a great way to assess your current situation and potentially save you money by making your training more effective or by advising you that e-learning solutions just aren’t what you need right now.

I want to make all of my clients happy, and I’m more than willing to hold your hand each step of the way. Please pop by my Services and Portfolio pages to see what I can do for you! If there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to email me, and I will customize a solution for you, or refer you to another fantastic freelancer who may be better able to suit your needs.

What else?

I’m married to my best friend, and we’re the fur-parents of 3 rescue animals: Milo, and Alison – Domestic Shorthair Cats, and Oliver – A german shepherd/beagle. When I’m not working or being a stern pet-parent, I enjoy running and reading (not at the same time)!